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  #31 Power Tube [Cronus] 98-21NR
#31 Power Tube [Cronus] 98-21NR

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Video Transcript : Tippman Cronus - Power Tube Replacement

This is Clayton from Today, I'm going to be doing another tech video. This time, it was a viewer suggestion. We're going to go ahead and learn how to replace a broken power tube on the Cronus. It'll be pretty similar for the 98's, the A5's, all that stuff. It's pretty much the same. This one being a little bit different. So, I went ahead and took off all my attachments already, got all the screws out, to make the video a little bit shorter as you can see. Alright. So, let's get into it.

To replace the power tube, we're going to pull the receivers apart. It's kind of difficult sometimes. Alrighty. So, now, we have the inside of the Cronus. And what we're trying to replace is the power tube which, of course, is this black plastic piece right here. It's important to note that there are two screws on the underside that hold the power tube into the gun. So, if you're trying to take it apart and those screws are in there, it's not going to actually come out, which would obviously be problematic. Alright. So, the first thing we're going to do is just get some of this stuff out of the way. Just focusing on replacing the power tube today, so we're going to pull out the bolt, the bolt guide, both bolts actually, and just kind of set all this stuff to the side. I want to make sure I'm not losing our little pieces though. That came out. Alrighty. And, then, you take that bar off.

So now, from this point, where we've got everything, we can go ahead and work towards getting this power tube out. So, now that I've taken out the two screws on the underside, I can just kind of wiggle this off and then pull out the tank adapter as well. I'm going to pull both those parts out and it's just going to come right out. This whole assembly is going to come out. I'm just going to go ahead and put this to the side for now.

So, now, we have the power tube mixed with the air transfer tube and we're just trying to replace that. So, we're going to take a crescent wrench, or a sized wrench would work the same, and we're just going to go ahead and -- oh, it's not focusing for me. Give it a second. There we go. So, we're going to take the crescent wrench, and hook it onto this metal, and tighten it up, and then just unscrew it to the left. And, then, we're just going to keep looping it around to the left. And, there, it comes off. So, now, we have our air transfer tube and our ASA right there, and the power tube with the valve, which is the silver piece inside of it. Now, to get the valve out, you're going to need to put it on a table or something of the sort and kind of loosen it. And, as you can see, they come out pretty easy. You can also take a pencil or a pen, and you have to have the velocity adjuster, unscrew it a little bit. And then, once that's out of the way, we can use a pencil or a pen. And you go down like that and just pop out the valve. So, now, we're going to keep the valve, put it in our new power tube. In our case, nothing was wrong with this one, so I'm just going to go ahead and put it back. But, you're going to put the valve in the new power tube, not the cracked one. It's always good to put a little bit of oil on this O-ring right here when you put it back together. So, we'll do that. Just kind of rub that around. And we need to line up the two holes there and then the one where our air transfer tube is going to go in. So, we're going to slide that in and get it just right. Alright. And so, now, we have the valve in the power tube. Let me go ahead and screw this back in a little bit, the velocity adjuster.

Alright. So, now, we have our new power tube with our valve ready to be put back on. And, then, you should take a little bit of Teflon tape, which I actually didn't grab before I went and got this video. I'm going to go ahead and grab a little bit of Teflon tape and get ready to seal it up so it won't leak on it.

Alright. Now, I've got some Teflon tape right here and I'll show you guys how to do this. You're going to pull a little bit out and we are going to just put a little bit on the threads. We're going to flatten it out and then we're just going to rotate it one time around. You don't need to put a whole bunch of Teflon tape on, just one time around is good. Tear it off. And, so, there we have the air transfer tube with Teflon tape ready to be put into the valve and the power tube.

So, we're going to do that the same way that we got it out, just opposite. So, we're going to take that crescent wrench and we're going to tighten it. You shouldn't over-tighten this. So, once it gets snug, it's good enough. But, you don't want to leave it loose because it can cause a leak. So, about right there. It's getting pretty hard to turn, so I'm going to leave it. That's what we want. So, now, we're ready to bring the marker back in the frame and show you how to put it back together.

Alright. So, the valve, we have to keep in mind these two screws are going to hold the valve and the power tube in place, so they need to line up with their two slots in there, right here and over. I'm going to go ahead and put that in. Grab my spring here. And, then, we can go ahead and attach the power -- or the air source adapter, along with the air transfer tube. Go ahead and put all that back together now. You got to get it in like that. Alright. So, now, we have the new power tube hooked in and we're ready to continue to put it back together.

And we should put some oil on this O-ring as well, so the rear hammer slides. Help that get around there. Put the front bolt back on. Oops. You got to be careful of those springs popping out on you. Alright. Now, I got it. Alright. And, then, we'll attach those two. That goes in like that. We're ready to slide all this back in. Alright. And, then, we've got all that ready to go. So, that's what it's going to look like when you're ready to put the other receiver half back on. And so, now, we'll do that.

Alright. That snapped back together. Again, those valve screws are going to be on that side. That holds in the valve and the power tube. So, we're going to screw those back in and then we're just going to put it back together with all those screws, which I'm not going to do because this video is already over ten minutes long. But, anyways, that's how you're going to replace the power tube on the Cronus. 98's and a5's are going to be pretty much the same. You're still going to need your crescent wrench. But, instead of that air transfer tube, you're going to be dealing with a braided line. But, you're still going to want to Tef tape your new -- the line when you put it into the valve again. Everything else is the same.

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