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Killhouse Weapon Systems AR-15 M4 Style Magazine [2011 and H.E. Grip A5] - Olive
AR-15 M4 Style Magazine [2011 and H.E. Grip A5]

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Color: Olive

SKU: 04KWS302

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This magazine from Killhouse Weapon Systems is a cosmetic upgrade for your newer style A5.  It fits the 2011 and later A5's with serial number 525,000 and later.   It will NOT fit the earlier style A5's unless you have already upgraded to an HE grip frame.  This foregrip / magazine includes the allen wrenches that you need to installed it.  It'll replace the stock foregrip on your A5 giving the marker an overall more realistic look.  These mags come in a couple of different colors.

  • Super Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fits 2011+ and H.E. Grip Tippmann A-5 Paintball guns

Video Transcript - Killhouse Weapon Systems AR-15 M4 Style Magazines for 2011 & H.E. A-5's


Hello, world. Today, we are going to look at the Killhouse Weapon Systems AR-15 Style Magazines for the Tippmann A-5. I've got my 2011 or newer-style Tippmann A-5 here ready to go, and these are the magazines. This is purely a cosmetic upgrade to the gun. There is no function to these other than how they look. It won't make your gun shoot faster. It won't make it shoot farther. It won't make it more accurate. It's just going to make it look cooler. They currently come in a black or an olive. You might see other colors like a tan in the future. But, for now, this is what they offer. And, then, we're going to get rid of the black one and show you how to install the olive on this Tippmann A-5. This is going to mount right up here replacing these two screws or these two pushpins and this one screw here.


So, let's go ahead and get started. I'm going to flip it over this way to do most of this. A 5/32 wrench takes out this screw, which I will set for now in my handy parts tray. And these are 1/8th inch. As they come, they're screwed in. So, you can actually reach and hold onto the barrel there to take that off. And, then, that barrel comes out. The same with this one. I think I'll store that over there too. Nothing worse than losing parts while you're doing an installation. Here we go. So, that is ready to slide into place. And to prep the gun, we have to take out a few screws -- well, one screw with a 7/64 or the 1/8 again. Ha-ha. Killhouse does send the Allen wrenches you need to do this installation along with the magazine. So, that's the one we're going to replace. And, then, we're going to replace these two pushpins. So, I'm going to pop them out from back here. If you've had your gun for awhile, these will push out really easily. This is a brand-new gun, so they're a bit stiff. Those come out. I'm not going to use those.


And we should be able to slide this right here in place. You have to spread apart the pieces of the magazine there, of the two halves. This is a plastic frame, or plastic magazine. It's real durable plastic, so I wouldn't worry about it breaking it -- if anything, the plastic's a benefit because it's going to be a lot lighter than a metal magazine. I'm having trouble getting it up underneath the cyclone here. I'm going to go ahead and loosen the cyclone feed, which is really simple. I'm just going to loosen that nut. That nut goes -- or that bolt goes all the way through the gun and holds the cyclone onto the gun, so now it spreads apart. There you can see. Just take it all the way out. So, now, this should slide on. Here we go. Notice this matches up nicely with the grip -- the trigger guard here giving it a real nice clean look. So, we have the barrels, the screw barrels from -- that we took out that came with it. That's what's replacing your quick-release pins. I'll put those two -- easier to have this out of the way anyway -- back in there. Turn this over and go ahead and put the cyclone mounting bolt back on, and the two screws that connect to those barrels that we just inserted. One could go here. And you don't have to crank these down at all. They're not really -- they're not making a seal. They're just holding that secure enough so that it doesn't slide off that way. If you have another wrench, you want to grab it from both sides and crank it down, you can do that. But, they really don't have to be on there super, super tight. And, then, the last screw was the smaller one that goes through the frame with a 3/32's. And that's really it. Got your Killhouse Magazine installed on a newer-style A-5.


Now, notice, I did not remove the foregrip. You can leave it there. To me, it's a little awkward. It looks a little awkward. So, I'm going to go ahead and take that off just so you can see it. So, there it is. There it is with the stock foregrip still installed. So, you want to take the stock foregrip off. Use your 3/16 wrench. Come through the foregrip. There is a mounting bolt, sometimes hard to line up. There we go. Take that out. And, then, there's one more small screw on the front. There's a washer for that screw also. One more small screw on the front, 1/8 inch wrench, that holds the stock part in place. That comes out right there. So, there you go. Now, you have the Killhouse Magazine installed without the foregrip. Personally, I like that look a little bit better. And there is the other side. Again, those also come in black right now. Alright. Thanks very much. If you guys have any questions, ask them in the comments below or email us at Thanks for watching.

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