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DYE Rotor Loaders and Accessories

Dye Rotor Loaders and Accessories


The Dye Rotor is one of the most popular loaders in paintball. With all the great features it offers, it is easy to see why. The patented rotor technology makes the Rotor able to feed over fifty balls per second. Also the low profile tooless body design is very popular, as it is harder to hit during play, and the tooless design is crucial for cleaning the Rotor, or replacing its batteries on the fly. For more information on all of the Dye Rotor's features, click the links to the right, or scroll to the bottom of this page.


Dye Rotor & Accessories Buying Guide

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Rotor R2 Loader Rotor R2 Loader Feedgate [Rotor] Rotor Wrap - Beer
DYE Rotor R2 Loader - Navy/Lime
Only 1 available. Ships within 1 business day.
List Price: $249.95
Our Price: $214.95
Sale Price: $179.95
DYE Rotor R2 Loader - Black/Black
Ships within 2 weeks!
List Price: $249.95
Our Price: $214.95
Sale Price: $179.95
Exalt Developments Feedgate [Rotor] - Black
In Stock!
List Price: $18.95
Our Price: $16.95
Sale Price: $14.95
KM Rotor Wrap - Beer
Only a few left! Ships within 1 business day.
Our Price: $12.95
. . . Add some hoppy flavors to your Dye Rotor.
Rotor Bottom On/Off Button Cover
Dye Rotor On/Off Button Cover
In Stock!
List Price: $6.00
Our Price: $5.00

Dye Rotor Buying Guide

Dye Rotor Features.

  • All New Patented Rotor Technology: 
    • ?Exceeds Pro requirements with a 50+ bps feed rate. The constant feed rotor carousel creates a smooth consistent, reliable, and quick performance.
  • Ball Capacity: 200: 
    • ?This is 20% more than some loaders but it still has a low profile and light weight.
  • Spring Loaded Floor Tray: 
    • The collapsible floor tray compresses under the weight of the paintballs for the max capacity. When you are low on paint the tray comes up to help feed the last few balls so the hopper will run smoothly.
  • Tools not Required:
    • ? Not a screw or a nut. A push of a button lets you take apart the loader for your battery replacement and cleaning. Nothing to lose!
  • See Through Window: 
    • ?You can see your paintballs without opening the lid.
  • Interchangeable Carrier and Spring Lid: 
    • ?Removable upper shell lets you change colors or switch to a high capacity 250 round top. (Sold separately).
  • Push Power button: 
    • ?Single push on off button has a distinct and durable feel and an integrated "Power On" light. Now there is not a question if your loader is on or not.
  • Jam Release Switch: 
    • ?In the rare event of a jam due to out of round or oversized paint just pull the anti jam release trigger and you're back in action.
  • Low Profile Design: 
    • Small, low profile is made possible by the Center feed design.
  • Shots per charge: 50,000:
    • ? On only one set of 3 AA batteries. The power regulation is ground breaking and the first in paintball hoppers.


  • High Capacity Top Shell:
    • Increase the capacity of your Rotor with a high capacity shell. It increases the number of balls you can carry in your Rotor to 250.
  • Speedfeeds:
    • Makes reloading a breeze. Instead of flipping up your lid to reload, you can simply dump the paint in the Rotor, past the rubber fingers of a speed feed. This is an essential upgrade for serious players.
  • Color Kits:
    • Pick up a color kit to change the look of your Rotor, or to replace a damaged part.