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A name that means quality. Tippmann Parts is the world's largest store dedicated to Tippmann Paintball and Airsoft. We carry every upgrade available and include notes on usage and installation. We also have a great selection of cheap gun packages. Tippmann Parts is the only store with every stock replacement part. Thank you for shopping with us.

New Paintball Products

Tippmann Magfed TCR - The Tactical Combat Rifle

The TCR is a full size paintball marker but it's based of the engine of the TiPX and designed from the ground up as a magfed paintball marker. It has a shoulder stock and body shroud system with foregrip. The gun can be powered by a 12 gram cartridge built in to the front shroud or you can run a full size tank by remote. If you're using the 12g powerlet option, it's accessed through a trap door in the foregrip. It's even ambidextrous so you can get to this chamber from the left or right side of the rifle. The TCR includes 2 magazines for you to start out with, a 7 and a 12 round version. You can buy extra magazines as needed. You can even use the Stark 20 ball Zeta Mags. While this is a true mag fed gun with the magazine in the grip it still has the ability to take a hopper if you want. You can put a hopper adapter / elbow on the side and quickly convert it to hopper feed for 200+ ball capacity. The shoulder stock has a magazine carrying clip so you don't have to fumble around in your pockets for that extra magazine when you really need it. The TCR includes a comfortable foregrip and plenty of picatinny/weaver rails for mounting sights, scopes, or flashlights. It comes standard with flip up/down front and rear sights.

Tippmann 98 Mag Fed Adapter Kit

The 98 Magazine conversion adapter was first revealed at the Paintball Extravaganza in January 2014. At that time the release date was set for June of 2014. This is a really cool upgrade / accessory for your 98 gun. You can replace your hopper elbow with this adapter and then feed your 98 using TiPX magazines. It's basically a magazine well that replaces the hopper adapter. Since the hopper elbow on a 98 can be quickly and easily taken off, and this adapter mounts the same way, you can switch your Tippmann 98 from magfed to hopper fed and back in just seconds depending on the type of game you want to play. The conversion adapter kit includes 2 of the TiPX 7 ball magazines to get you started. You can buy extra magazines of course too including the soon to be release 12 ball magazine. This magwell will also accept the Zeta Mags from Stark Pursuit that have a 20 ball capacity. Magfed paintball games are becoming more and more popular. Having everyone on the field limited by the amount of paint in a few magazines really evens the playing field and makes the game more about tactics and strategy rather than overwhelming your opponent with paint. This mag fed adapter kit will work on any of the Tippmann or US Army guns that have the hinge and latch style removable hopper elbow. This would include any of the 98's and the US Army Project Salvo and Alpha Black, and even the Empire BT4 Markers.


Killhouse is a new distributor out of Canada and they focus on tactical paintball accessories and Tippmann paintball marker accessories. We don't have their complete line in yet but we have started carrying some of the A5 Tactical bodies, a few sights and rails, and the TiPX First Strike Breach. We spoke to Owen from Killhouse and he said one of their goals is to make the accessories and upgrades that you see in video game guns available as paintball gun accessories. So if you've got Call of Duty or Halo and want to bring that look on to the paintball field then keep an eye out for the Killhouse products. They also have a few performance upgrades including a Tippmann Front bolt. It seems like most companies have stopped making these so it's nice to see a new manufacturer pick these up.

Tippmann M4 Carbine Airsoft

Tippmann and Airsoft are 2 things you haven't typically heard in the same sentence until now. Tippmann had previously distributed some airsoft pistols and guns from Palco but those didn't seem to go over so well. What Tippmann has done now is do airsoft on their terms. They wanted to make the Tippmann 98 of airsoft. And they've gone well beyond that. With the Tippmann M4 Carbine you get the performance of an AEG but you get the reliability and durability of a Tippmann. They've even thrown in a full 1 year warranty which is basically unheard of in the airsoft industry. Instead of using a battery and electric gear system to power the gun, the Tippmann Carbine uses an air powered valve and blow back hammer. This blow back design means you get a realistic feeling of recoil when you fire the gun. The rate of fire is adjustable. There's a standard semi-auto mode but you can also switch it in to full automatic and shoot from 8 to 20 rounds per second. Airsoft BB's are housed in the magazine that has an 80 round capacity. The M4 can be powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge which can shoot the full mag of 80 bbs. You can also power it with a standard paintball tank for what seems like unlimited shots. The body of this gun is all aluminum so it has a nice full weight feel to it coming in at just under 6 lbs. With the high rate of fire, velocity up to 400fps, constant air power and the ability to accept higher capacity magazines, you won't be out gunned the airsoft battle field. Like a real M4 this Carbine has a release pin near the back of the gun and it then hinges open for easy service of all the internal parts.

Paintball Marker Parts

If Tippmann Sports makes a paintball marker then we've got the parts for it. We carry a complete selection of seals, gaskets, and components whether you need a simple oring, a velocity screw, ball latch, or something more durable like sears and springs.

It's important to keep your equipment in good working condition. Regular maintenance is required and like any other complex item, there are occasionally repairs that need to be done. Of course doing your regular maintenance and taking care of your equipment to begin with will reduce the repair work you need done. Fixing your own marker can be done by just about anyone. A little patience, a few basic tools, and a good resource (like here!) is all you need. Keeping your orings oiled or lubed and your screws tightened down keeps you on the field instead of on the sideline doing repairs.

Tippmann Standard Marker OEM Parts

These were the primary markers produced from 1998 to 2010. These are fairly straight forward mechanical guns and some can be upgraded with electronic grips to increase their rate of fire. Tippmann's traditional line of markers include:

Next Generation Tippmann Paintball Marker Maintenance

And we didn't just enter in a complete list of Tippmann parts once. We stay up to date on the most current and newest releases from our manufacturers. We have a complete selection of oem repair parts for:

Classic Tippmann Marker Restoration

So did you think we were new to this? Think again. We've been in the paintball industry since there was a paintball industry. 25 years of running paintball pro shops, fixing guns, and restoring them to working condition. Using our extensive knowledge of early / classic paintball equipment we supply replacement parts for the classics:

Now granted, there aren't many of these old guns left and it can be hard to find the piece you need but you've come to the right place.

US Army Paintball Marker Parts

Tippmann manufactures another line of paintball rifles under the US Army brand. These are used by many military and police organizations. We have service kits and discounts available for bulk purchases.

TPN Stock Replacement Parts

Did you know that TPN is the brand that Tippmann uses when producing US Army style markers in international markets? That means you'll find TPN Tango One Parts on our Carver One Parts page. The TPN Bravo One is the same as the US Army Alpha Black. And the US Army Project Salvo is the same as the TPN Sierra One so we have Sierra One parts too! The guns are identical except for their name and branding so if you're an international customer with a TPN paintball marker in need of repair then don't worry, we have the right components for you.

Accessory Parts

Replacement Parts for Tippmann Accessories

So we've got parts. Lots of parts for Tippmann paintball markers. But did we stop there? No of course not. This is! If it's Tippmann, then we've got parts for it. So in addition to the paintball guns we have replacement parts for Tippmann TiPX Magazines, Tippmann A5 Cylcone Feed Parts, Tippmann Flatline Barrel Parts, Tippmann Response Trigger (also called RT) Parts, Parts for 98 Low Pressure kits, even Egrip and Hall Effect Egrip parts for the A5 and 98.

Parts for Other Brands of Upgrades that fit Tippmann Markers

We don't just have the best selection of parts for Tippmann paintball markers. We also have replacement parts and orings for the accessories that fit on those markers. We got orings and parts for Empire BT Apex Barrels, Lapco machine Gun Shroud Screws, Ninja CO2 Fill Station and Ninja Regulator Parts.

Contact us at, call us at 785-856-0647 or use our live chat.

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For our international friends:

Tango One = Carver One
Bravo One = Alpha Black
Sierra One = Project Salvo

Because of licensing restrictions these guns have different names outside of the US. Other than that they're identical so all parts, upgrades, and barrels will cross over.