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LVL Loader and Accessories

Learn more about the Level Loaders Shells. Learn about this loaders capacity. Learn about the Levels durability. The Level is under 20 ounces. Learn about the levels tool-less disassembly. Free speed feed included with the Level. Learn about the programable Level electronics. Learn about the Level loaders no jam system Image Map
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LVL Loader v1.5 LVL Loader v1.5
LVL Loader v1.5
In Stock, but only a few left!
Our Price: $134.95
LVL Loader v1.5
In Stock, but only a few left!
Our Price: $134.95
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GI Sportz LVL - Level Loader System - Features Review

GI Sportz has created a masterpiece. The LVL or Level Loader System is a high quality paintball loader at the price of a middle of the pack electronic loader. It has the same if not superior features to even some of the highest priced loaders on the market. It even comes with a speed feed right out of the box, at no additional cost to you.

LVL Shell

  • The shells of the LVL loader are designed to hold 200 paintballs while also remaining lightweight, keeping a low profile, and of course having a tool-less disassembly. The shell design also leads to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, sure to make your friends jealous. The shells are available in four different colorways: red/black, grey/black, white/black, and lime/black.

Loader Capacity

  • The LVL is designed to be a lower profile traditional 200 round hopper. 200 paintballs is the average amount a paintball loader will hold. Keeping its capacity at 200 instead of some of the higher capacity shells means the LVL will be lighter and lower of a profile than many high end loaders. This can be a huge advantage when running and gunning as you will be slightly quicker and your marker will be easier to carry.

Durable Shells

  • Paintball can be a rough sport. Sometimes your gear can take a beating on dives, slides, and other maneuvers. Luckily the LVL is constructed of only the toughest high impact nylon. It is tough enough to live up to your standards and then some. Don't get stuck paying more for a loader with shells that are not on the same level as the LVL. The nylon is used throughout the shell, meaning your feed neck is just as durable as the rest of the loader.

Lightweight Design

  • Weighing in at less than 1 pound 4 ounces the Level loader will feel like a feather on top of your marker. Strong and lightweight the LVL is a contender for pound for pound champion of paintball loaders.

Tool-Less Disassembly

  • If you are going to compete with the best loaders on the market, a tool less shell design is a must. The days of having to sit out a game while cleaning the inside of your loader are over. If your marker chops and shoots paint back up the loader, rest assured it is any easy and quick fix. This design also makes battery replacement even quicker.

Speed Feed and Rain Lid

  • Most players these days use speed feeds, which means most people have to shell out an additional $25-50 for one, on top of the price of the loader. Not with the LVL, the level loader comes standard with a speed feed. Best of all, it also comes with a traditional (or rain) lid as well. These lids can be swapped out quickly in between games if it begins to rain. Finally an all-inclusive loader with no necessary upgrades. 


  • Programmable electronics make the LVL feel like one of the best paintball loaders available. It has different feed speeds that you can choose from. The LVL runs on four AA batteries. The Level will let you know when it is time for a fresh set of batteries via a LED light, as well as sound indication. Batteries are not included.

No Jam Feed System

  • The LVL is jam proof and will not lead to any popcorning of paintballs in your loader. In addition it is adjustable and can be tuned to shoot any paintballs: white box, field paint, tournament level, or even the most brittle paints can be fed with no issues.