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Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Guns and Packages Sale

Our Tippmann Model 98 Custom Feature List and Buying Guide is below along with staff reviews and comparison charts.

The Tippmann 98 Custom has a 2 Year Factory Warranty.

The latest Platinum Series body has an integrated weaver / picatinny rail for simple attachment of sights and tactical accessories.  It separates in the middle for easy installation of mods and upgrades with access to the internals.

The newest accessories for the 98 include MagFed options.

After the warranty we have every replacement part and pdf versions of Tippmann Diagrams and Manuals.

Like to customize?  We recommend a new barrel for better accuracy and style.


Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Buying Guide

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Feature List

  • Redesigned front sight spring and trigger pins increase the ease with which you can service your Tippmann 98.
  • Receiver is made from die cast powder coated aluminum with unparallelled durability.
  • Picatinny / weaver rail along the entire top allowing for a huge selection of tactical accessories to be mounted.
  • Power tube includes a self sealing gas line. This feature eliminates the 2 side screws from older Model 98's.
  • Sling mount built into the rear end cap.
  • Works with all power sources: compressed air, CO2, and Nitrogen
  • Hundreds of accessories for any look or play style.
  • 2 Year Tippmann Factory Warranty will keep you on the field having fun.
  • The receiver has been redesigned for easy installation of mods and upgrades with access to the internals.

Compare the Tippmann 98 Custom to . . .

Tippmann 98 Custom vs Tippmann Gryphon: The Tippmann Gryphon is a lower cost version of the 98 Custom, however some major differences are present.


  • The Tippmann 98 Custom's body is made from a die cast powder coated aluminum, the Gryphons body is made of plastic. This means the Gryphon will be more lightweight, but the 98 Customs will be far more durable.
  •  Upgradability may be the biggest difference between these two guns. The Tippmann 98 Custom has more upgrades avaliable to it than almost any other paintball marker on the planet. You can upgrade their triggers, barrels, and even body upgrades (just to name a few). However the Gryphon is designed to get you into the game of paintball, and not necessarily to upgrade.
  • The Gryphon features an internal gas line, where as the 98 Custom has an exrernal braided hose. The internal gas line is effective in getting the gas line out of your way, it won't get in your way when playing. However, if you get a leak in the internal gas line system, they are a little bit more tricky to service.
  • For the extra money, the Tippmann 98 Custom is a big step up from the Gryphon, and is well worth the price.


Tippmann 98 Custom VS. Spyder Xtra: Both of these guns are great for starters but they have major differences that need to be considered.

  • The Tippmann 98 Custom is designed with the intense nature of paintball in mind, these paintball guns are made of metal and are really meant to last. While the spyders are also made mostly of metal, their grip frames are made of  plastic.
  • This may be the biggest difference between the two guns. The Tippmann 98 markers have a ton of upgrades on the market, where as spyder guns are typically not upgraded (besides barrels).
  • While both options are fairly easy to work on, the Tippmann 98's simple design make it easier to diagnose, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. 
  • If your planning on keeping your starter marker for years to come, you are eventually going to need some replacment parts. While finding these parts wouldn't be an issue for the first few years, it can become a problem once the manufacturer discontinues making the parts for your gun. Tippmann's history has shown that they stick with their popular guns, the 98 has been around since 1998 and is still being produced today. Spyder tends to put out a lot of different models, and not sticking to producing a gun for more than a year or two.

Review of the Various Tippmann 98 Custom Models

Tippmann 98 Ultra Basic

The basic Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra Basic is the epitome of a great starter gun. It gives you the solid foundation to build your own personalized 98. The Ultra Basic is by far one of the upgradeable guns on the market. Upgrades including barrels, sights, cyclone feed, e-grips, response triggers, and countless internal upgrades. The 98 custom is also one of the most durable guns on the market, it is made of a die cast aluminium, and most of the internal parts in the 98 Customs are also made of metal. The ultra basics are mechanical semi-auto paintball markers, that can shoot between 3-9 BPS (balls per second) depending on the shooter. The Ultra Basics do not come equipped with an ACT system.

Tippmann 98 Custom ACT

The Tippmann 98 Custom ACT is the same great gun as the Ultra Basics, but with an additional upgrade. The ACT (Anti Chop Technology) system in these guns prevents the unwanted breaking of paintballs in the breach of the gun. This upgrade could save you a lot of time cleaning out your Tippmann 98, as well as a smooth day at your local field, which is well worth the extra price.

Tippmann 98 Custom ACT RT (Response Trigger)

(No Longer Available) - While this is no longer an option from Tippmann, you can still easily upgrade your Tippmann 98 Custom into an RT (Response Trigger). Check this page for RT upgrades.

  • The 98 RT includes an RT kit, also known as a Response or Reactive trigger. A Response trigger is still a mechanical, semi-auto trigger, that will shoot as fast as you can pull it. However you're going to get some assistance in the trigger pull. Some of the air from each shot is re-directed to a small piston behind the trigger shoe. This piston kicks the trigger back in to a ready firing position after each shot. What this does is it resets the trigger, for the next trigger pull, even before you've let your finger off of the trigger from firing your previous shot. Now follow this . . . If the trigger returns to a ready firing position before you've let off the trigger, you're still pulling on the trigger, then won't you shoot again? YES! There is a sweet spot in the Response triggers. When you pull at a consistent pressure that is strong enough to fire the gun, and weak enough to keep the RT from kicking the trigger back to ready, then you'll effectively be able to shoot in bursts or even full auto with a mechanical semi-auto gun. Now this does take practice but it's not hard to figure out. After a couple of times out with your gun you'll get the hang of it and easily be able to shoot 5 to 15 balls per second.

Tippmann 98 Custom E-Grip

(No Longer Available) - While this is no longer an option avaliable from Tippmann, you can still easily upgrade your Tippmann 98 Custom into an E-Grip. Check this page for electronic upgrades.

  • The E stands for Electronic. The E-grips use an electronic micro switch solenoid to fire the gun instead of a mechanical trigger. This gives you very short, smooth, and light trigger pull making the Tippmann 98 Custom easy to shoot quickly. The standard E-Grip also has these great features
  • Five firing modes with up to 17 ball-per-second capability.
  • Upgradeable to the popular APE or Virtue boards for increased performance and customized firing modes.
  • Uses commonly found 9-volt batteries.


  Model Hopper Mechanical Trigger Response
Electronic Trigger HE Grip
98 Custom Platinum Series Ultra Basic T102072 U I U U N/A U U
98 Custom Platinum Series with ACT T102061 U I U U N/A U U
98 Custom Platinum Series Power Pack* T102077 I I U U N/A U U
(I = Included) (U = Upgradeable) (C = Compatible) (* = Includes Goggles and Tank)