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Tippmann Double Trigger Kit [98 Custom Series]
Double Trigger Kit [98 Custom Series]

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This basic upgrade is easy to install and fits into Model 98 Custom bodies with no milling. The added area allows two fingers to walk the trigger to a faster rate of fire. Double grooved for comfort. These double trigger kits WILL work with the Response Trigger Kits.

Video Transcript: Tippmann 98 Double Trigger Kit Installation


What's up everybody and welcome to My name is Stitch. On this video, I'm going to be showing you how to install the Double Trigger Kit on the 98 Custom -- alright -- the Tippmann 98 Custom. The tools that you're going to need is a 1/8 Allen wrench, okay, a rag I definitely recommend, and a parts bin. Let me get this into, you know, into place over here.


If you want, you can remove your loader. Just press the button down on the top, slide it down. Have you guys seen that? Let me -- alright. So, right here, just press the button, slide it down, pull it back, and remove it. You don't have to, but if you want to, so that way, you know, it'll be clear and everything, right? Make sure, obviously, the marker's not filled with any air or anything like that. Let's move on.


We got three bolts in the back, one, two, three, and then two in the front, one, two. So, totaling five altogether. So, let's just remove those real quick. Counter-clockwise is going to get that done. So, let me just get these out real quick. I know you guys watching the video are like, "Oh, great, another video with a guy removing screws, and bolts, and whatnot." Just real quick, take them out, counter-clockwise. Now, these all are going to be the same size and they're item number 24. So, that's what you're going to have to remove them. Now, we're going to remove the back half of the 98 Custom. So, it's just going to be from where you see this line right here and the back. You don't have to take off the rubber part, so don't even worry about it. Just take off the bolts that I showed you. So, now how I do it is I place my hand over the marker, right, and I hold my thumb slightly over the trigger because there's a couple of little parts in here with the trigger that are going to want to spring out slightly. There's one spring in particular, I'll point it out when I take the marker apart. And then you got the spring tension on the back end of the marker from the hammer. I'll show you guys as we go. So, put your hand over it. Place your finger in the back site, right here in the middle. And, then, you'll want to place your thumb right on top of here. This is how I do it. And I pull it up slightly. So, I'm going to lift this so you guys could see it. Then, I'm going to grab the bottom half of the trigger and just wiggle, you know, up and down, left to right. Alright. Nice and easy to make sure nothing pops out, springs out at you. Just put that on the side. This is item number 32 if I haven't said it already. Alright. So, now, let me see if I can get down on these springs and everything like that. Alrighty. Sweet. This spring right here, well, let's relieve the tension real quick on the main tension right here.  So, just put your hand over everything right here, and just lift this up slightly, and pull it out and back, alright, so to relieve the tension there. This spring right there, this green spring -- mine is green -- I don't know if yours is going to be the same color, alright, is item number 8. So, basically, I put my finger on top of it, get my Allen wrench underneath it, and pop it up so I can control the, you know, where it's going and then just, you know, drop it down. And you see it just lays there. Alright. Put that in your bin as well. Pull off the trigger mechanism. Well, actually, you don't really have to take all that out. You can leave that. What you're going to grab is the trigger guard right here, which is item number 12, set it aside. Alright. And, then, we have the safety switch, which give me one second, I'm going to try to get you the item number so that way you guys know. I believe it's 11.1. Weird number. But, 11.1 is going to be the safety trigger. Alright. And, then, you got one more spring there. That's item number 10 in front of the trigger. So, you could just put your finger on top of it and wiggle your trigger out. It's not under that much tension. Alright. And, then, you could just grab this out and put it in your parts bin.


Get your packaging. Rip it open because you're happy, you know, to install it. You pull your trigger guard out and your double finger trigger. Now, a lot of people recommend these due to the fact that, if you're playing in the winter especially and winter's coming, alright, you can wear your gloves and it's easy to catch the triggers. That's why a lot of people do this upgrade. So, as you could see the difference between the triggers. You got the single finger and then the double trigger. So, that's one of the good reasons to upgrade to this. Another good reason is, if you're going to upgrade your marker eventually along the line and wonder what all this stuff is over here, and it looks like something's missing, basically everything is set and ready to go for other upgrades, which down the line the videos will probably be coming out. So, we'll get on that on another video. So, now, take your trigger, drop it into place. You have your trigger guard here. Let's get that spring, which its wanted to hang around anyway. So, if you look closely on your trigger, it's going to have a little bump out where the spring is going to want to sit to hold onto. Okay? So, drop that right in there in between these two pins and we're going to slide the spring in just like that. And, then, I'm going to push it down into the groove. Pretty good. Good to go. Take your trigger guard, put it in place right here and there. And, there you go. Double trigger, awesome. You're looking good.


So, now, we want that green spring and put it back in. So, let's dig it out. Oop. Almost forgot the safety. The safety switch is going to drop right down in there in that hole. Get that in there. And, now, we're going to drop the spring in. You're going to have the same thing on the trigger. It's going to have a little button sticking out. I hope you guys could see that. And that button is going to face back right across from this bumped out piece. And you're going to do the same thing. You're going to drop it in, hold it onto the button, and then push it down into the groove with your finger. Now, I'm going to teach you a real quick trick. If it doesn't want to stay in there and it's pushing out every time you try to move your hand away or your finger, give it a little spin and it'll find its place where it wants to sit and hold on properly, and it doesn't wasn't to bang, you know, bounce out. That's a quick tip. Let's put the tension back on this. Put it into place. You could just line this guy back up. And that's it. That's the installation for your double trigger finger, your double trigger fing-, your double figure -- oh, whatever. I'm going to just move on because I can't pronounce it. So, let's put the half back on the shell. And just go over very easy. The same way you took it off, put it on. Wiggle it around left to right. And, then, it should just lock into place. And, then, we're going to really quick install the screws, the bolts, item number 24. Alright. And I'm going into overtime on this one a little bit. So, clockwise is going to get all the bolts screwed down. So, you're seeing I had a little problem there with the bolt getting it to drop down. All I did was lift the trigger guard. I wiggled it a little bit so everything lines up because the screw has to go through this hole. So, another quick tip, just wiggle the trigger guard, and it'll drop down, and then continue to tighten it up. You don't have to go crazy and tighten them. Just make sure they're snug, alright, because the marker does give a lot of impact when it's firing, especially under the pressure.

Test and Complete:

Safety off, charge the marker, and give it a fire. Everything works good. It looks awesome. I definitely like it. So, there you go. You upgraded your marker to a Double Trigger Kit. And put your loader back on and you're ready to go.

My name is Stitch. Once again, thank you for watching Later.

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  • This is a composite plastic trigger, not metal.

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Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 2 Write a review.

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5 of 5 Great add on to the 98 Pro ! August 23, 2015
Reviewer: Harold from Litchfield, IL United States  
easy to install

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 I Like It March 29, 2012
Reviewer: Ken Grevemberg from Anacoco, LA United States  
It's a nice big trigger for my big fingers.

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