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Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Guns

  • Ultra-light, high impact composite body
  • Proven high performance inline bolt system
  • Internal gass line for clean look
  • Center feed design
  • Blad trigger with oversidez trigger guard
  • 10" high performance ported barrel
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Every Tippmann Paintball Gun comes with a 2 Year Warranty from Tippmann Sports

Tippmann Gryphon Buying Guide

Tippmann Gryphon Vs. Spyder Victor

  • While both of these paintball guns are designed to be starter guns, they have some differences between them that should be considered.
  • The Tippmann Gryphon features an internal gas line, while the Victor that has a braided hose. Internal gas lines are great because they make it easier to switch hands when in an epic gun fight, as well as giving the marker a cleaner look. 
  • The Tippmann Gryphon comes stock with an ergonomic front grip, while the Victor doesn't. This means when you use the Victor you will either have to put your non trigger pulling hand on the gas line, or on the barrel; neither of those options are very comfortable. 
  • Replacment parts are going to be much easier to find for the Gryphon, as it uses mostly 98 Custom internals. However the Victor is going to be much harder to find parts for, as Spyder doesn't continue to make replacment parts for very long after their markers are discontinued.

Tippmann Gryphon Vs. JT Outkast

  •  The Outkast is JT Paintball's entry level paintball marker. While the Outkast is around the same price point as the Gryphon, we think there are some key advantages the Gryphon has over the Outkast.
  • The Gryphon is going to be a much more durable marker. It is true these markers both have plastic bodies, however the Gryphons body seems more sturdy. The Gryphon also features Tippmanns' legendary 2 year warranty, meaning if anything does go wrong, Tippmann has your back.
  • The Gryphon is built on the trustworthy Tippmann 98 Custom design and uses most of the same internal parts, additionally anyone with knowledge on the 98's will also be able to work on your Gryphon. These two factors mean you could have your Tippmann Gryphon for decades and it would still work as well as it did the first day you shot it. While the Outkast would perform fine at first, the parts will wear after a few years, then you have a problem. Since the Outkast is not built on a previous platform, most of the parts for the Outkast will be impossible to find after it is discontinued by JT.