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Tippmann Magfed Guns and Kits

Tippmann MagFed Paintball Guns

The most popular new trend in paintball is the magazine fed movement. With mil-sim paintball getting more and more popular, it was only a matter of time until paintball guns became magazine fed. Tacamo introduced their mag feed conversion kits for Tippmann guns, changing 98 Customs, A-5's and US Army markers into magazine fed markers. These upgrades are still so popular they are at times backordered for months. The trend of mag fed paintball is sure to stay now that Tippmann has joined the movement. Tippmann is set to release their first full sized magazine fed marker, the TCR (Tactical Compact Rifle). Tippmann also made this new style of play available to Tippmann 98 Custom owners by creating the 98 mag adapter, which is an easy to install upgrade that turns your 98 Custom into a mag fed gun.

Additional  MagFed Information

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TiPX Pistol Paintball Gun TiPX Deluxe Gun Package Pistol Leg Holster [TPX, TiPX, T8, T9] Pistol Leg Holster [TPX, TiPX, T8, T9]
Tippmann TiPX Pistol Paintball Gun - Black
In Stock!
Our Price: $299.95

Tippmann TiPX Deluxe Gun Package - Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
Our Price: $349.95

Tippmann Pistol Leg Holster [TPX, TiPX, T8, T9] - Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
List Price: $53.95
Our Price: $53.95

Tippmann Pistol Leg Holster [TPX, TiPX, T8, T9] - Digi Cam
Ships within 5 business days!
List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $49.95

Tippmann's legendary magfed paintball pistol, in black. Get the best pistol on the market with accessories you'll want and need! Leg holster for your TiPX paintball pistol. Great looking digicam leg holster, has space for an extra magazine.
7 Ball Magazine 2 Pack [TPX, TiPX] TiPX Extended Magazine 2 Pack - Also fits the TCR TMC Paintball Gun
Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Paintball Gun - Tan/Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
Our Price: $279.99
Two pack of Tippmann's 7 ball tru-feed magazines. Two pack of Tippmann's new 12 round extended magazines. For the TiPX and TCR. New Mag Fed marker from Tippmann with 20rnd magazine and dual-feed option.


MagFed Information

  • MagFed play is a style of paintball in which no hoppers are used, and instead only the paint in your magazine can be used. This requires a magfed capable paintball gun. Luckily the popularity of this style has brought a lot of options for magazine fed paintball guns. Tacamo makes conversion kits for the Tippmann 98, A-5, and US Army markers. These kits can change your current marker into a monster of magfed play. Tippmann saw the popularity of the magfed movement and decided to get involved with the announcement of their newest gun the TCR (Tactical Compact Rifle). This new magazine fed gun from Tippmann is designed perfectly for the tactical styling's of magfed play. This marker is built off of the sturdy design of Tippmanns magfed pistol, the TiPX. The TiPX was one of the first magfed pistols, and probably the most reliable. One of the chief complaints about magfed play is not having enough ammo in a clip, the 20 round Zeta magazine is the perfect counter to this complaint. Magazine Fed play has been gaining some steam for a while now. It brings the most realistic play to the paintball field. With the limited amount of shots in a magazine, magfed play requires its participants to be more accurate, sneaky, and use more strategy. With so many players now interested in magfed play, many fields have magfed only games.

Tippmann TCR (Tactical Compact Rifle)

  • Everything about this gun is geared towards the tactical style of mag fed play. This gun is built on the already trustworthy platform of the TiPX paintball pistol. This gun can run off of 12 grams, which can easily be changed with one hand, from either the left or right side. If 12 grams are not your thing, you can also use a remote line on the TCR, since it features a factory installed drop down remote line adapter. The TCR can handle any tactical upgrades you have as it features four Picatinny rails, and comes with sights, veritcal foregrip, and a 11" barrel. The TCR comes with a Tru-Feed 7-Ball magazine, and a Tru-Feed 12-Ball magazine, both of which are First Strike compatible, the TCR can also use the popular 20 round Zeta mags. While this gun was designed with mag feed in mind, the TCR can also use a hopper for more traditional paintball games. 

Tippmann 98 Custom Mag Feed Kit

  • If you thought Tippmann 98 owners were going to be left behind in the mag fed revolution, think again. Tippmann has announced a 98 mag adapter, which can in seconds turn your Tippmann 98 Custom into a mag fed paintball marker. This kit is compatible with all 98 custom markers, plus all US Army and TPN markers that use the 98 quick-release feed elbow. This kit includes two Tru-Feed 7-ball magazines, and is compatible with Zeta Mags, and Tru-Feed 12-ball magazines. This kit can be easily installed, or taken off, if playing a regular hopper ball game.

TiPX Pistols

  • The TiPX is a magazine fed paintball pistol. It is the perfect sidearm for magfed paintball. This pistol runs off of 12 grams, the 12 grams go in a separate compartment than the magazine, meaning your 12 gram wont leak out when you change mags. The Tippmann name means this is one of the most durable and best built pistols on the market. The TiPX comes with a 7 round magazine, but is compatible with the Zeta mags.

Tacamo Magazine Fed Conversion Kits

  • The Tacamo kits are for those players interested in the new magfed games, with a Tippmann 98, A-5, or US Army Marker. With these kits you can quickly change you classic paintball marker into a magazine fed capable milsim marker. These kits come with a functional 20 round magazine, that can be upgraded to Tacamo's 250 round box magazine if you're in need of heavy fire power. If you still want the option of firing your gun in the traditional way, there are additional attachments available for both cyclone feeds, and vertical feed hoppers.

Additional Magazines

  • If one magazine is just not enough ammo for your fast fire rate, be sure to stock up on extra magazines. Tippmann has a two pack of 7-ball magazines for the TiPX markers. If a bigger magazine is more your style, check out the ZetaMag by Stark Pursuit. These 20 round magazines are a great way to insure you are not caught in a reload when you see your competition.