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Tippmann Paintball Loaders

The Tippmann AL-200 bring you reliability and performance just like their paintball guns. The value priced AL-200 brings you a ton of features over a gravity fed loader. There is no more shaking your loader to feed paintballs here, the continuous agitation will give you 10 balls per second firepower that will keep up with most itchy trigger fingers out there. The low profile design can still hold 200 rounds while showing less of your loader to your opponent minimizing hopper hits. The LED on the back is a low battery indicator that lets you know when to change out the battery and the quiet operation while help keep you silent in the woods. Adjustable feed neck with orings that will fit on any of your Tippmann paintball guns with a wide mouth lid to get your paintballs in the loader without spilling.

  • Lightweight design that holds 200 paintballs with a low profile design to help keep you hidden in the woods.
  • Continuous agitation to bring you 10 balls per second firepower.
  • Quiet operation with a low battery indicator to let you know when to change the battery.
  • Will fit on any Tippmann paintball gun on the market today.
  • SSL-200 UPGRADE - Bend Sensor technology takes you to 15 balls per second firepower and increases battery life!