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Tippmann 7 Ball Magazine 2 Pack [TPX, TiPX] - Black
7 Ball Magazine 2 Pack [TPX, TiPX]

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Color: Black

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The new Tru-Feed Magazine uses a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows the player to use a wider variety of paint and is less affected by hot or humid conditions. For TPX users who currently have the 8-ball magazine, changing to the 7-ball magazine may not be necessary for a few reasons. First, the 8-ball continues to work well for many players and second, there have been other updates to the original TPX which could also affect performance.

Video Transcript: TiPX Paintball Magazine - Loading, Breakdown, Tech


What's up everybody and welcome to My name is Stitch. On this video, I'm going to be talking about the seven-round magazine. That comes with the Tippmann TiPX and is compatible with a variety of other markers [Tippmann 98 with adapter and TCR]. Check out the links below in the description after the video for other videos explaining the magazine and its capabilities. Alright? If you stick around, I'm going to show you a player tip at the end of the video and everything.

Magazine Overview:

So, let me explain it real quick on how to load it, what it's about, and then I'm going to explain the inner workings with the open shell that I have over here on the side. So, let's move on real quick. It's made out of plastic, two separate pieces that are basically clam-shelled together. You have one piece of plastic up here on the top that you need a flathead screwdriver to twist to separate the plastic to open it. You have one, two, three, four Phillips head screws that you have to remove before you try to do that with the plastic piece there. Alright? So, now, the follower basically has two pieces of plastic on either side so that you can grab it to pull it down all the way into its locked position at the bottom, like so. You have a guard up here in the front, which basically helps the paintball rounds to stay inside the magazine as you're running on the field to go get that guy that you want to go get because he's that guy. Alright? Moving on. So, now, you got the guard there and it helps keep the paintball rounds in the magazine while you're running around on the field, okay?

Inserting and Releasing the Magazine:

Now, when you insert the magazine into the marker, okay, make sure that you always slap it in. You don't got to go crazy, basically like a handball slap. You don't have to slap it that hard, but you'll be on the field so it'll be crazy. You just insert the magazine, give it a tap. Now, the magazine released the paintball rounds into the marker and it's ready to fire if I had air in it and everything. So, now, I'm going to press the magazine release right here and I'll actually show you what this piece of plastic connects to on the magazine. Now, if you remove the magazine while it's loaded and you didn't fire any paintball rounds, be prepared for two rounds -- two to three rounds to fall out of the marker -- one, two, and that's it. Okay, cool. Two to three. Alright. So, let's pull this back down. Okay. Now, when you put the magazine into the marker and you see how it held in place basically in a good position, this little notch right here on the magazine, this little notch right here, is where the magazine release connects and holds onto the magazine to keep it into the marker.

How does it work?

So, now, I explained the guard, let's explain this little piece back here. This little guy back here basically connects with a plastic piece also inside of the marker up on the top in this area over here. Alright? So, it almost looks like the screwdriver. It's a piece of plastic that sticks, and it's going to engage right here when you put it into the marker, releasing the spring down here, and pushing the paintball rounds up and out. So, when you push this down, pay attention to this right here, when I push it down, this is going to move back. Okay? This piece here is going to move to here. See that? Alright? So, that's how it works when it goes into the marker. And, then, the paintball rounds come out. And because it's in there, it's constantly down so there'll come out as you need them, as you continue to fire the marker and everything.


So, now, let me talk more about the insides and why it works like that. Okay? This is the spring that's on the inside that goes right here. So, basically, that spring that you see in there, that's what this is. It gets clamped all the way down and don't worry about it. It'll be okay. So, this is the piece that you pull all the way down and, if you pay attention right here, when you pull it past this point, you see how it gets back there and locks onto it. Okay? You see that whole setup right there? So, now, when you put the magazine into the marker like I said, remember I said it connects to this piece right here, that is this rod right here, which when it touches the rod, the rod pushes down. Now, if you pay attention to here, I'm going to hold it with this so that way it stays down. So, now, I'm going to push the rod down. Pay attention to this whole mechanism. It's going to release the follower, so imagine if the spring was there, okay? So, now, I'm going to push it down and you see how it pulls out of the way by itself? So, that's basically how it works. And it lets it go up. At the same time, when that's pushing down, when the rod's pushing down, you have these two hooks up here -- let me remove this a little bit so you could see a little bit better -- you see the two hooks up here? That's what holds onto this just like that. Alright? So, that's the guard up on the top. This piece right here is this guy right here, okay, on the inside. So, these two little hooks, when it pushes down, it pulls the guard back for you. Okay. Let me put this back into place. And, now, pay attention to this area over here. Hopefully, my fingers don't get into the way. So, we pull down. That's how it sits and then, when you pull down, it pulls it down with it. Alright? There is a spring that goes here. I didn't want to put it in because it likes to jump out by itself, so I'll hold it in there and then push/pull. You see it? Okay. Good. There we go. We got it working. So, that's how it works. Alright?

Player Tip/Trick:

So, now, real quick, thank you for hanging out and watching the whole video. So, real quick I'll give you the player, the tip. You have seven rounds in a magazine. Say you're running the Tippmann TiPX. Take one of the rounds and drop it down into the breach. Make sure that it's in there. Alright? I hope you guys could see that. I have no idea if you could see that or not. I really hope you can. So, it's all the way down in the bottom, and then insert your magazine. Make sure that you keep your marker on a tilt upside down basically and then insert the magazine. Now, you have eight rounds. They don't know you have eight rounds, so they think you only got seven off the start. So, you're good to go. You got that one extra shot. Alright?

Thank you for watching. Definitely check out the description for other videos, to the links to other videos and everything like that. My name is Stitch. Once again, I hope this video helped you out. Later.

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7 Round Magazine 2 Pack:

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Markers:

-Thanks to Hugo, aka 'Stitch', from Outcast Paintball Systems for this awesome video.

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