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Tippmann TiPX (formerly Tippmann TPX) Pistol Paintball Guns

  • 2 Year Factory Warranty.
  • The metal trigger punctures the 12 gram CO2 cartridge on first pull.
  • Quick release and self locking 7 round magazines.
  • 1/4 turn access to the 12 gram CO2 cartridge for quick and easy swapping.
  • Internal regulator for consistency that is fully adjustable externally.
  • Want to use a remote line on the TPX? Not a problem!
  • The grip is ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • X7 threaded barrel for easy removal and upgrading.
  • The ammo window is covered to protect the paintballs from the elements.
  • With the TPX you get a hard cover carrying case to protect your investment and a maintenance kit.
All of our Tippmann Paintball guns include FREE UPS Ground shipping.
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Every Tippmann Paintball Gun comes with a 2 Year Warranty from Tippmann Sports
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TiPX Deluxe Gun Package 7 Ball Magazine 2 Pack [TPX, TiPX] Mission Less Lethal TPR Pistol, Black Mission Less Lethal ProtX-PHD Kit, Orange
Tippmann TiPX Deluxe Gun Package - Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
Our Price: $349.95

Mission Less Lethal TPR Pistol, Black
In Stock, but only a few left!
List Price: $329.99
Our Price: $329.99
Mission Less Lethal ProtX-PHD Kit, Orange
In Stock!
Our Price: $359.95
Get the best pistol on the market with accessories you'll want and need! Two pack of Tippmann's 7 ball tru-feed magazines. . .

TIPPMANN TiPX Buying Guide


  • Tippmann originally released the TPX, but the original design was not up to the Tippmann standard of reliablility. So they decided to upgrade their design and send upgrade kits to all TPX owners experiancing problems, they also re-branded the guns to the new TiPX brand. The new pistols feature upgrades to the magazine, bolt system, Co2 Cap, and main spring. These new upgrades make the TiPX one of the best shooting, as well as the most reliable pistol on the market.

TiPX vs Tiberius Arms 8.1

  • Both the Tiberius Arms 8.1 and the Tippmann TiPX are high performance magazine fed paintball pistols. However there are some key differences between them that customers should be aware of.
  • Magazine prices for the TiPX are half the cost of a Tiberius 8.1, with a two pack for the TiPX being 29.95 and one for the 8.1 costing 29.95.
  • The way the 12 grams and magazines work together on these two pistols are vastly different. The TiPX houses the magazine and 12 gram in separate places on the marker, the 12 gram does not need to come out of the gun while switching magazines. The TiPX can run around three clips for each 12 gram. On the 8.1 the Co2 cartridge housing is built into the magazine, meaning each magazine you load up in your vest would need its own 12 gram cartridge. After each game you then refill the magazines with paint, but really have no idea how much Co2 is still in that cartridge.
  • Both of these pistols are highly upgradable, they both have holsters, magazine holders, and tactical upgrades available. The only real difference in this category is barrels. The 8.1 uses a barrel threading that is only for the Tiberius guns, and there arent a whole lot of options for aftermarket barrels with these threads. On the other hand the TiPX can use any A5 threaded barrel (barrel must be at least 6.5 inches long, and have a diameter equal to or less than 0.88 inches).

Puncture System

  • The TiPX features a unique puncture system. Instead of puncturing when the cartridge is first clamped down, the TiPX punctures the 12 gram with its metal trigger after the first trigger pull. The cartridge housing is seperate of the magazine, meaning the 12 gram doesn't need to be replaced everytime you change magazines.The Co2 cap is adjustable, so you can be sure your cartridge is getting the perfect ammount of pressure put on it. The cap is also only a 1/4th turn, instead of being threaded. This makes screwing it in, and taking it out a breeze.


  • The magazines the TiPX uses are now a 7 round Tru-Feed magazine. These magazines are a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows players to use a wider variety of paint and is less affected by the weather. Also Stark Pursuit 20 round ZetaMags are compatible with the TiPX paintball pistol.