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Tippmann X7 Stocks

Tippmann X7 Stocks

Adding a stock to your Tippmann X7 is a quick and easy way to upgrade your Tippmann X7 paintball marker. A stock will not only improve the accuracy of your X7 by reducing recoil and sway, but it will also give your X7 paintball marker a more realistic look and feel. There are many different types of stocks to choose from. If you want a stock that is good for both long range play, as well as close quarters combat a folding stock may be the one for you. If you want a stock you can be sure will fit you perfectly a collapsible stock would be a great choice, these stocks adjust to several different horizontal positions. Don’t want you stock to have any of these features? A fixed stock will sit in its one position and will not budge.  If the looks of the stock is what is most important to you, we have specialty stocks designed to look like real firearm stocks. We also have minimalistic stocks called skeleton stocks, these are generally lightweight and small surface area stocks. Carbine stocks are the most common stocks, and are typically collapsible stocks. If you want the most durable stock possible we have stocks made of 100% metal. If something more lightweight is your thing, check out our composite stocks. (Note: X7 and X7 Phenom stocks are interchangeable EXCEPT for air through stocks. Air through stocks are designed for EITHER the X7 OR the Phenom. If you do have an X7 Air Through stock you can now get a Tippmann adapter (T230003) that will fit it to your Phenom.)

Tippmann X7 Stock Specifications

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Tippmann X7 Stock Buying Guide

Adjustable or Fixed Shoulder Stocks

  • Extending/Collapsible – These stocks will be adjustable in length, making it easy for you to choose the most comfortable position between you and your marker. 
  • Fixed – These stocks only have one position and do not move. These stocks are generally more lightweight than their counterparts.
  • Foldable – These stocks will have their set out position, and will also fold to the side of the gun. This is ideal for people who engage in long range play, as well as tight spots where a stock would not be ideal. 

Different Styles of Stocks

  • Carbine – Car stocks will commonly be collapsible and will look like AR-15 stocks. 
  • Skeleton – Skeleton or wire stocks are designed for those who want very little size and weight to their stock. 
  • Specialty  – Want to make your marker look more realistic? We have MP5, G36, AK-47, and AR-M4 designed stocks.
  • Tactical – These stocks are designed to give your marker a tactical feel to them. Most of these are somewhere between carbine, and skeleton stocks.

What are Paintball Shoulder Stocks Made of?

  • Metal – Metal stocks are going to be the most durable. They will be nearly impossible to damage; they will however generally be more expensive and weigh more than other materials.
  • Plastic – These stocks will be lightweight and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Although they will not be nearly as durable as metal or composite stocks.
  • Composite – Composite stocks are made of composite plastics. These stocks will be between the aforementioned materials in nearly all qualities. They are typically more durable than normal plastic, but less durable than metal. Also the cost will mainly be in between the metal and plastic stocks.

Unique Stock Features

  • Rear Velocity Adjustment (RVA) – RVA stocks will give you a second option for changing your markers velocity. While the original allen wrench adjustment in the left side of your marker will still adjust the internal air pressure, an RVA stock allows you to change your spring tension as well. This makes little tweaks to your FPS (feet per second) easier than ever.
  • Replica Military Parts – Stocks that are designed with replica military parts give you the ultimate realistic feel to your paintball marker. They are designed around their real military counterparts.