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ViewLoader Force Series Loaders and Accessories

The Viewloader Eye Force can feed paintballs at an extraordinary 20 balls per second. The flip cap spring lid will ensure that the paintballs stay where they are needed. The electronically controlled anti jam propeller will automatically reverse itself and reset if a jam is detected and the eye detects when a paintball moves so that it can keep the paintballs moving along into your paintball gun. The Eye Force features a two piece body design for easy cleaning and maintenance and battery replacement is a breeze.
  • Eye activated force feed with an instant automatic anti jam to give you consistent fire power when you need it.
  • 20 ball per second feed rate with a 200 round capacity loader.
  • 2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery swapping.
  • Double vision system will recognize black or even dark shell colors.
  • LED low battery indicator.
  • 3 bladed spring loaded force feed paddle that won't break paintballs.