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The Spire III Is Smart Phone Capable Reload LED and Speaker Spire III Electronics Package Hinged Shell Design and More! Learn more about the Crown SF II New and improved raceway! More information about the new Drive Spring Loaded Ramp Image Map
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Spire 260 Paintball Loader Hopper - Tactical Spire III - Crown SF II

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Our Price: $194.95
Vritue Crown SF II - Black - Speed Feed For Spire III
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List Price: $44.95
Our Price: $39.95
. Removable fingers

Virtue Spire III Review


Premium Features - What Is New To The Spire III.

  • Electronics | Smart Phone Programming

    • The Spire III is able to be connected to your smart phone. It is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. Now you can download and update the newest firmware for your Spire III, all wirelessly from your smart phones app. Being able to update your loader from your phone is a great feature that will keep your loader with the newest firmware features for years to come. The app will also contain the loaders manual, making it easy to troubleshoot any loader issues that may pop up.
  • G-Force Sensor

    • The G-Force sensor is now mounted into a shock absorber. This will eliminate unwanted spinning of the drive, which also leads to longer battery life.
  • Reload LED Indicator and Speaker

    • Has your loader ever ran out of paint right as you were about to secure some eliminations? Wish your loader could keep track of your paintballs and alert you when it is time to reload? Virtue has made that a reality. The Spire III is fitted with two LED lights (one on each side), as well as an audible alarm to make sure you cannot miss it. The speaker is adjustable so there is no need to worry about it being annoyingly loud and giving your position away.

Smart Phone LED Reload

Shell Design and Construction

  • Size | Weight

    • As with most high end loaders the Spire III is meant to be light weight and low profile in design. It achieves this by measuring in at 9 inches long, with a height of 3.9 inches, and a width of just 4.1 inches. As for the weight the Spire III weighs in at an extremely light 16.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest high end loaders ever.
  • Durable

    • Do not let its small frame and light weight design fool you. The Spire III can stand up to even the most hardcore paintball players standards. It is constructed of glass filled nylon. Use this loader weekend after weekend, year after year, these shells are built to last.
  • Hinged

    • The new hinged design also leads to a more durable build by combining the top, back and bottom shells into a single hinge unit. This also makes it easier to tear down the loader to clean or perform maintenance. It comes apart with the simple press of a button. The new shell design along with the smaller spire drive means this loader has a capacity of 230 paintballs.

Hinged Shell Design

Lid Design

  • Quick Change

    • Quick change lids are a necessity on any deluxe loader system. The Spire III has a lid system rival to none. You can switch from your traditional (rain lid) to a speed feed in just a couple seconds. Gone are the days when you would need to take apart your hopper to swap lids. Tools are not required for lid swaps.
  • Crown SF II

    • You have the ability to quickly switch to a speed feed, so which one should you use? The Virtue Crown SF II is the second edition of the Crown SF, which was the best speed feed system in paintball. They have made some solid changes to the speed feed and this version is even better. Each finger on the SF II is mounted with its own spring, leading to the ultimate combination of easy feeding and paint retention.


  • Enlarged & Tool Less

    • Changes to the raceway were made. They have enlarged it while also making it removable without tools. If you do experience broken paint in the loader, you will be able to clean it entirely in between games.

Legendary Spire Drive

  • Improvements

    • The spire drive has been made 35% smaller to help increase the loaders capacity. Cleaning the drive is as easy as possible as the fingers are removable and the entire drive is magnetically attached, and can be removed without the use of tools. The Spire III features a redesigned CPU optimized motor. This increases the loaders feed rate, while also monitoring the motor to ensure the loader is ready to feed when you need it to. On top of all that you can expect the Spire III to never jam on you, and also be more than capable of feeding brittle paintballs.


  • Smart Spring Ramp | Polished Tray

    • The smart spring ramp is designed to make sure you can get every paintball fed through your loader as fast as possible. No more shaking to get the last couple to find their way into the drive and raceway. As you shoot and paintballs are leaving the Spire III the internal spring ramp will begin to rise (due to less paintballs weighing it down), this gives the leftover paintballs a ramp to slide down, directly into the spire drive/raceway.

Spring Ramp