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Wholesale Accounts
Wholesale Paintball from Tippmann Parts

To Become a Dealer
 You must mail, fax, or email us ( ) a copy of your valid business license, your resellers tax identification certificate, and a picture of your store front.  We offer wholesale pricing only to legitimate businesses engaged in the resale of paintball supplies.  If you can meet these qualifications then please send in your information and we'll get your account set up right away.

If you already have a dealer account set up with KEE, Kingman, or Tippmann Sports, then you can send us a copy of a recent invoice (within the past 6 months).  We'll automatically approve you for wholesale pricing and upgrade your account.  Your discount level will be pre-set based on the amount of the invoice that you send us.
New Dealers
 All new dealers are set to price level D0 and receive our standard wholesale price level.  Once your account is set up you can see your prices on line.  We don't have any catalogs or price lists available at this time.  Just log in to the web site and place your orders at your prices.  Pretty simple huh?
Dealer Price Levels
 There are no minimum orders at any Dealer Level.

Dealers must purchase a minimum of $1000 every year to maintain their wholesale account status.  If no orders are placed for 1 year then your account will revert to retail pricing and you must re-apply for a new wholesale account.  A minimum order of $1000 will be required to re-open a wholesale account.

Dealer Level 0 = Standard Wholesale
Dealer Level 1 = 2% additional discount
Dealer Level 2 = 4% additional discount
Dealer Level 3 = 6% additional discount
Dealer Level 4 = 8% additional discount
Dealer Level 5 = 10% additional discount 

Your dealer level is dependant on the largest order you placed in the last 6 months.  

Largest Order In Last 6 Months = Price Level
$0.01 to $9.99 = Dealer Level 0
$10.00 to $49.99 = Dealer Level 1
$50.00 to $149.99 = Dealer Level 2
$150.00 to $349.99 = Dealer Level 3
$350.00 to $749.99 = Dealer Level 4
$750.00 and up = Dealer level 5

For example:  If you place a $300 order then all future orders for the next 6 months can be at the Dealer Level 3 with no minimum order.

You may contact us to review your price level at any time if you think you should be on a higher tier.  

You may contact us to preemptively increase your Dealer Level if you're getting ready to place a large order.
Terms Accounts
 Terms accounts must be approved prior to order placement. 

Companies will not be considered for terms accounts unless they have purchased $10,000 or more in merchandise from us in the last 12 months.