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Barrels for the U.S Army Guns [Alpha Black, Bravo One, Carver One, Tango One, Project Salvo, Sierra One]

Last Updated: 06/13/2013
The US Army line of guns, including the Alpha Black / Bravo One, Project Salvo / Sierra One, and the Carver One / Tango One use Tippmann 98 Thread Barrels available HERE.

To fit in the shrouds, the barrels must meet some requirements:
US Army Alpha Black & Bravo One - 9 inch Minimum Length x 1 inch Maximum Diameter
US Army Project Salvo & Sierra One - 9 inch Minimum Length x 1 inch Maximum Diameter
US Army Carver One & Tango One - 4.5 inch  Minimum Length x 1 inch Maximum Diameter

Most barrel diameters are less than 1 inch.  To compensate for smaller barrels that fit inside the shroud, you may need to add a shim for a tight fit.  This can easily be done with a few wraps of electrical tape (a paintball players best friend).  Add where the front of the shroud is going to meet the barrel when it is fully installed.

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