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Tippmann Stock A5 and X7 Valve Updates

Last Updated: 06/25/2014

The Tippmann A5's and X7's (not the Phenoms) use almost the identical internal valve. In fact, when the X7 first came out it used the same valve as the A5. The original valve assembly used in A-5's and then in the first X7's was the 02-V.

The 02-V Original Tippmann A5 Valve Included:

The 02-V valve was used on all A5's including the 2011 remodel up to serial number 602597. At that point the valve was slightly modified and becasme the 02-V v2. The only change was that the valve body was extended in length up to 2". With this extra lenght a new Tombstone Seal was also required.

The new 02-V v2 A5 and X7 Valve Assembly Includes:

**This 02-V v2 is still the current valve design used in all A5 paintball guns.**

It was soon noticed that on the X7's there was a velocity problem that needed to be addressed. By changing just the valve stem to a slightly longer version Tippmann was able to increase the valve dwell (how long the valve stays open) and thereby resolving the low velocity issue.

The current X7 Valve Assembly TA10060 Includes:

  • 02-25 v2 Valve Body
    • 2" long compared to the old 1 & 15/16" valve body
  • TA01058 Valve Oring Large / Tombstone Seal
    • Thicker for the longer valve body.
  • TA10052 Cup Seal & Stem Complete (Valve Plunger)
    • This new valve pin is designed specifically for the X-7 to open earlier for better velocity.
  • 02-71 Valve Spring Washer
  • PA-32 Valve Spring
  • CA-27 Front Valve Seat
  • SL2-25 Valve Seat Oring
  • 98-12A Rear Bolt / Valve Body Oring

If you have an A5 and are looking for a complete valve assembly then the exact item you need is the 02-V v2 Complete Valve Assembly which has a longer valve body and a thicker tombstone oring.

If you have an X7 and are looking for a complete valve assembly then you need the new upgraded X7 complete valve which is TA10060.

Galen Adams - General Manager

---June 2014

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