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Tippmann 98 Response Kit and Cyclone Upgrades
Last Updated: 07/01/2014
From: peter
Time:12/05/2011 09:35:14

I just brought a trippmann 98 custom today. I want to upgrade the shooting speed of the gun. Do I just need to buy the cyclone feeder and the response trigger and install it to increase its shooting speed? Do I need to purschuse anything else? And is it easy to install?

The cyclone system and response trigger are both very popular upgrades for the 98 Custom.

Get to a higher rate of fire easier with air assistance. Every time the marker fires, a piston is used to assist the spring return on the trigger. Find the right amount of tension and you've maxed out the rate of fire for the marker. Completely adjustable to you!

The cyclone feed will help to keep up with that rate of fire.  You'll have less skipped shots and less broken balls with this installed.

Both come with instructions.

A double trigger will offer you a little more sensitivity and adjustability:

A hose kit will give you better air flow and efficiency:

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